Commonly known as “Carolina Bays,” the lakes here have been around long enough to have traces of their creation attributed to a possible meteor shower or icebergs thousands of years ago. The area was also hunted and fished by Native American tribes and served as a settlement that dates back to the start of our nation.

Established in 1972, Bay Tree Lakes has been a family community for more than three decades. During its establishment, the lake’s bottom was resurfaced to its now white, sandy shores and clean, clear waterways. The community has slowly been developed as conservatively as possible over the years to ensure that future generations can come to discover the beauty and tranquility that exists here.

This unique waterfront community contains almost 160 homes, though only half are full-time residents. From a settlement to a now thriving lakefront community, Bay Tree Lakes has certainly come a long way. We look forward to welcoming all the future residents that will come to enjoy life here at this laid back North Carolina community.